Lila and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (part 2)

For Lila, when it rains it pours.


The nose and knees are courtesy of the concrete.  Two separate wipe outs; one leaving her with her dress up over her shoulders and Dora undies flying proud.  The goose egg on her forehead is courtesy of not looking both ways before crossing the sidewalk and getting pummeled with a bike handlebar.

And this comes on the heels of last week when I had to assure Ellie’s school that I wasn’t beating her when she showed up with a huge bruise on her cheek and two black eyes.  The bruise was from falling off the deck, and the shiners were from Lila yelling, “It’s snowing!” and dropping a huge book out of her crib onto Ellie’s face as she slept in her bed below.

Also this weekend as I was pushing Ellie on the swing she decided to let go right as I gave her a giant push, extend her arms out and declare, “I’m flying!”  But she only got about, “I’m fl…” before she did a complete freaking back flip out of the swing and landed with a thud right on her face.

It was almost as if she hung in the air for a few seconds longer than gravity should have allowed, and I could see the look on her face as she looked at the grass.  Like – wait just a minute here.  Wait just a god damned minute.  I was just in the swing… and now I’m in the air… I think my feet may have just been over my head… what the hell is happening?  I just wanted to fly!

“Oh no!  Try to land on your feet!”  I screamed as she did a face plant.

I’m thinking we might just spend this beautiful afternoon inside.


  1. says

    Poor Lila! She wears it well, though. That smile totally says, “Screw you, bad day!”

    My kids do the same thing with the heinous injuries. And it’s always worst, like, RIGHT when they’re due for a checkup, so I’m always super-noid that the doctor will hotline me for some suspicious-looking shit. But trust me, I’d never need to beat them … they take care of that themselves!

  2. MOM says

    Glad you’re getting them toughened up before we get them this week. I’d hate to send them back to you looking like that.

  3. Caroline says

    My daughter, Paige, has the same nose and knees from face-planting off a slide, and today she had an accident report from daycare and a huge bruise on her cheek from “falling into a table.” She definitely has my genes. Poor kid.

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