Tea for two

October 12, 2011


Me:  I read on the Internet that this stuff called red raspberry leaf tea is supposed to make you go into labor.

Nick:  (robble robble) Hog wash!  Stuff like that is a total gimmick.  It’s not scientifically proven to do anything.  But go ahead and buy it if you want to waste your time and money.


Me:  You know, if you’re trying to go into labor you might try red raspberry leaf tea.  I drank it for three days, and on the third day my water broke.

My Friend A:  Okay – I’ll give it a whirl!

Nick (In The Background):  (robble robble) It was a coincidence!  It’s a gimmick!


Text From A:  I’m having contractions as I’m drinking the tea!

Nick:  (robble robble) Coincidence!  Gimmick!


Me:  You know, my due date right now is December 10.

Nick:  Right.

Me:  But my ultrasounds have been measuring about a week and a half ahead of that, so it’s probably more like December 1.

Nick:  Right.

Me:  And with Lila my water broke five days before my due date, which puts me in the red zone around November 26.

Nick:  Right.

Me:  Thanksgiving weekend.

Nick:  Right.

Me:  And you’re working Thanksgiving weekend.

Nick:  Just don’t drink any of that damned labor tea and we should be fine.

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Beth Thomason October 12, 2011 at 5:25 pm

call me i’ll drive you to the hospital!


laura hutton October 13, 2011 at 2:37 am

yes, I absolutely drank raspberry tea and it totally worked!


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